Conference NEWS

eBook has now been published!

March 22, 2022  

Dear Authors! Congratulations! The eBook has now been published on SpringerLink.   
The access to the CCIS 1562, PRIP 2021 is  possible via the following link:


Simply platform...

October 21, 2021  

Dear colleagues, together we made a super event! We express our sincere gratitude to all participants!
For our conference to leave an impression not only in your minds and hearts but also to have a worthy digital footprint, we came up with a new concept and slightly updated the site design, preserving all the materials of PRIP'2021. More on this below.

The main thing is on the main page!
In the section "Keynote and Invited Speakers" you may find links to details about the speakers and their plenary talks. Recordings of online presentations can be opened right here, without going to other pages or the Youtube App. There is also a link to our Panel Discussion.
"Conference Fact Sheet" - is a piece of brief statistical information on the PRIP'2021 conference.

Navigation is on top!
PROGRAMME - the element of the platform that you have already used, but now it has links to the records of the corresponding sessions.
PROCEEDINGS - what you have been waiting for! Thanks to the CC BY4.0 license, you can download the entire electronic collection, but we advise you to use the table and a convenient search for any paper, download it and view the presentation recording in a separate modal window.
WATCH SESSIONS - for those who want to see the structure of all performances, but on Youtube. Like and comment. The Internet is alive! :)

One platform, one application!
We did it in that way so you do not have problems with switching to other apps even on a smartphone. Everything is only in your browser window. For the best comfort, better to use the Chrome browser. It may be worth clearing the cache if you actively used the site with the old functionality during the conference.

The synergy of your results and our ideas for presenting results is the success of the next PRIP conferences.
See you in reality!
Do not forget to be digital and social using: #prip #prip2021 #prip2021online


The symphony will sound!

September 12, 2021  

Organization of a conference (even online) requires the coherence of all processes. It is important to take into account not only the parties organizing the event but also those to whom the event is directed. In networks and communications, these processes are called "Orchestration".
This process is always complicated, but we succeed! Thanks to your responsiveness, we have done a lot, including practically completed the registration fee payment procedure, which is new for us. Everything is going according to plan: the program is in the final stage of layout, including the speeches of our distinguished invited guests.
This week we will be keeping on the pulse of everyone who has registered. Presenters will receive links to enter the online platform as well as related instructions by the end of the week.
Stay tuned as always!


We are even closer! 

September 10, 2021  

We are even closer!
Dear Colleagues! The PRIP'2021 Team organized another communication opportunity through the Telegram social network.
Anyone can connect. We do not specifically make restrictions for those who do not participate in the conference. The event is free to watch on YouTube. And now you have the opportunity to ask questions not only in the YouTube chat but also in the Telegram chat! We are so wondering to see your reaction.
Well, registered speakers can ask organizational questions right now...
Welcome! Keep watching updates on the site and social nets!
#prip #prip2021 #prip2021online


All marked!  

August 30, 2021  

Good job, colleagues! The authors have already received reviews of their papers. They still have time to make final edits to the camera-ready level.
We remind you that the article submission process and registration for the event are separate! To register, you will need to pay the registration fee between September 5th and 12th, 2021. Stay tuned, and we'll tell you how to do it.
We will also start introducing our keynote and invited speakers very soon! For those who can't wait - browse our website right now!  Check your dates to connect and watch outstanding presentations for free!
Use #prip, #prip2021 and #prip2021online to find us and repost latest news.


Submissions completed... 

August 16, 2021  

Thanks to your high activity we are expecting a very productive event! Until August 27, 2021, you will be notified about the evaluation of your submissions.
We remind you that everyone can watch the conference for FREE. Please, follow the news on the website and on social nets (use #prip, #prip2021 and #prip2021online).


Speakers are to be announced soon!  

August 11, 2021  

Are you also tired of these bearded men with glasses instead of real faces? Don't worry, we keep working to make the conference promising and interesting. Soon you will be able to see what speakers we are preparing for you.
Stay tuned for updates on the site and social nets.
Use #prip, #prip2021 and #prip2021online.   


The Last Call - the Last Chance! 

August 8, 2021  

Everything is almost ready for the reviewing process, and we are announcing the very last call!
So, until August, 15 23:59 CEST+1, you can still jump into the coach of the train! It is the last chance this season, so those who have been waiting and did not have time until now can still gather their strength and submit a paper.
We remind those who have already made their submissions about the opportunity to update it, make final corrections before reviewing.
Keep watching all the dates in leaflet and on the website!  

last train

The Second Shift! 

July 19, 2021  

Don't worry, we will not discuss the term "second shift", coined after Arlie Hochschild's 1989 book, although gender issues aside, this topic is very relevant in our time of pandemic: we have started working in the office and at home...
But our news is about a new deadline: August 8, 2021! The online format allows us to wait a little longer especially for the sake of your holidays or other activities and make the conference richer and better! Hurry up! The relevant leaflet (updated 08.08.2021) is available, so please note all new dates!   

new deadline

Springer says "go"! 

July 14, 2021  

It is our pleasure to confirm that PRIP2021 is finally accepted for publication as a Communications in Computer and Information Science (CCIS) revised post-proceedings volume. Thus we have to update our leaflet (updated 08.08.2021) as well. So we look forward to your brilliant ideas and submitted papers!
CCIS is abstracted/indexed in DBLP, Google Scholar, EI-Compendex, Mathematical Reviews, SCImago, Scopus. CCIS volumes are also submitted for inclusion in ISI Proceedings.
To find more, please visit Springer Publishing.
You may also be interested in the previous conference proceedings published by Springer.


A few words about endorsement... 

July 2, 2021  

When organizing an event, support is always in need. We want the organizations that stay with us would mean more than just beautiful logos to our participants. So, please, find out more about our partners.
From the latest news, the AAIA has endorsed PRIP2021. It is crucial for the development of scientific cooperation around the world.
We are still open to sponsors, associations, and projects to work together to create science and education synergies in this challenging time!


Follow us! 

July 1, 2021  

Now it's easier to communicate! Subscribe to the organizer's Twitter, as well as to the event page of the conference on Facebook, where we will report on the latest news.
Like, repost and use hashtags: #prip, #prip2021 and #prip2021online.


The registration fee is announced! 

June 15, 2021  (second update: July 19,2021)

We have finally announced the registration fee. which is the same for all participant and makes it possible to publish up to two papers per one registration.
In addition, we plan to make the registration and payment process as comfortable as possible for you. These two actions will be combined together and available by clicking the button in the corresponding period from August 29 to September 5 at 23:59 (CEST+1)   August 31 to September 10 at 23:59 (CEST+1)  September 5 to September 12 at 23:59 (CEST+1) (updated 08.08.2021)
Please note that we have several promo codes for free participation in the conference. For this reason, the Committee will process subscriptions f-i-f-s (first-in-first-serve). In case of a successful review, we will notify chosen participants by e-mail and send a code that can be used when registering for the event.


New deadlines! Do not miss it! 

June 14, 2021  

Taking into account your wishes, we have extended the deadline for submitting articles. Please note that all the deadlines have shifted, but the registration and payment gap has shortened after successful review and submission of camera-ready! New leaflet (updated 08.08.2021) is also available on site now!


No reason to wait! We start sending a leaflet. 

April 23, 2021  

Find the leaflet in your mailbox from our address But if you have never participated in the conference in previous years or for some reason did not receive our e-mail, please download the leaflet (updated 08.08.2021) from this site and subscribe to the conference newsletters. As interesting additions appear (announcements about speakers, partners as well as plans for panel discussions and workshops) we will notify you!