Conference Proceedings

The Proceedings include papers of the 15th International Conference on Pattern Recognition and Information Processing.
* Released by the organizers of the PRIP'2021 Conference and the Belarusian Association for Image Analysis and Recognition. The articles have passed multi-factor peer review and are printed in the form provided by the authors. 53 papers were selected among 90 submissions.
** The selected 17 revised full papers were carefully reviewed and published by Springer, Cham (Copyright: Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2022) as a Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 1562)
Keywords: artificial intelligence, classification methods, image processing, computer networks, computer systems, computer vision, engineering, image analysis, coding, compression, segmentation, machine learning, network protocols, neural networks, pattern recognition, probability, signal processing

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9Sergii Sushko, Alexander Chemeris and Svetlana ReznikovaParallelizing by Smart TilingA1.1
14Liudmila Cheremisinova and Dmitry CheremisinovGraph-Based Recognition of High-Level Structures in Transistor Circuits


19Sergey Dvoenko and Denis PshenichnyMetric Correction of Similarities based on Orthogonal DecompositionA1.3
22Viktor Krasnoproshin, Vadim Rodchenko and Anna KarkanitsaPattern Recognition Based on Classes Distinctive FeaturesA1.4
25Zurab Gasitashvili, Merab Phkhovelishvili and Natela ArchvadzeNew algorithm for building effective model from prediction models using parallel dataA1.5
29Katsiaryna Rumiantsava, Roman Sergeev, Alexander Tuzikov, Andrei Gabrielian and Alex RosenthalSearch for genomic mutations associated with drug-resistant tuberculosisA1.6
33Sviatlana Ihnatsyeva, Rykhard Bohush and Sergey AblameykoJoint Dataset for CNN-based Person Re-identificationB1.1
38Nadia Brancati, Maria Frucci, Daniel Riccio and Crispino Cicala
Bag of Deep Features for Classification of Gigapixel Histological ImagesB1.2
43Victor Krasnoproshin and Andrew Naumovich
Chest Pathologies Intellectual AnalysisB1.3
47Vitali Liauchuk, Aleh Tarasau and Vassili Kovalev
AI-Based Retrospective Study for Revealing Diagnostic Errors in Chest X-ray ScreeningB1.4
51Olga Nedzved, Vera Yashina, Sergey Ablameyko, Igor Gurevich, Ren Tiaojuan
and Ye Fangfang
Analysis of Motion of Dynamic Scenes in Microscopy Images: Formalization, Criteria and ResultsB1.5
56Vladimir Golovko, Egor Mikhno and Aleksandryna Mamyha
Neural Network Approach for Estimating the Level and Volume of Liquid in Transparent ContainersB1.6
61Stanislav Sholtanyuk and Aliaksandr Leunikau
Lightweight Deep Neural Networks for Dense Crowd Counting EstimationB2.1
65Boris Assanovich
Towards Creation of SmileID Obtained from Face Biometrics Binded to Concantenated Error-Correcting CodesB2.2
70Rykhard Bohush, Huafeng Chen and Sergey Ablameyko
Formalization of People and Crowd Detection and Tracking in VideoB2.3
75Eduard Adaska and Anton Lechanka
UNetX: Real-time Pedestrian Crosswalk Segmentation on Mobile DeviceB2.4
79Dzmitry Mazouka and Viktor Krasnoproshin
Developmental Milestones of Graphics TechnologiesB2.5
84Viktoria Sorokina and Sergey Ablameyko
Extraction of Human Body Parts from the Image Using Convolutional Neural Network and Attention ModelB2.6
89Vladimir Mikhailov and Vladislav Sobolevskii
Reindeer Recognition and Counting System Based on Aerial Images and Convolutional Neural NetworksB2.7
92Katsiaryna Kosarava and Boris Assanovich
A Simple Indoor Fall Control System for the Elderly Based on the Analysis of Object Bounding Box ParametersA2.1
97Aleksandra Maksimova
GAN-SSL Classification for Identification Expertise in ChemistryA2.2
101Andrei Brazhuk and Evgeny Olizarovich
Contextualizing of Architectural Security Patterns as a Knowledge Management ChallengeA2.3
106Boris Zhalezka and Volha Siniauskaya
Theory and Practice of Multi-Agent Systems ConstructionA2.4
111Rahim Mammadov, Elena Rahimova and Gurban Mammadov
Increasing the Reliability of Pattern Recognition by Analyzing the Distribution of Errors in Estimating the Measure of Proximity between ObjectsA2.5
115Viktor Evdokimov, Anatoly Davydenko and Serhii Hilgurt
Using GRID for Centralized Synthesis of FPGA-based Information Security SystemsA2.6
119Ales Zhuk and Sergey Ablameyko
Augmentation Tools for Object Detection in Satellite Images by Using U-Net Neural NetworkB3.1
123Egor Busko, Alexander Nedzved and Shiping Ye
Preprocessing of SAR Image for Building DetectionB3.2
128Marina Lukashevich, Yuliya Golub, Valery Starovoitov and Aun IrtazaRetinal Image Analysis for Diabetic Retinopathy Grading: Preliminarily ResultsB3.3
133Liudmila Cheremisinova and Dmitry Cheremisinov
Correctness of Control Systems with Concurrenсy BehaviorA3.1
140Aleksei Rozhnov
Some Trends in Updating the Nomenclature of Specialties of Researchers in the Areas of Research Methods and Means of IntellectualizationA3.2
146Alexey Kharin, Ton That Tu, Dai Yukun, Wang YuminRobustification of Sequential Statistical Decision Rules for Stochastic Data Flows AnalysisA3.3
149Valerian Ivashenko, Nikita Zotov and Maksim OrlovSemantic Logging of Repeating Events in a Forward Branching Time ModelA3.4
153Mikita Shuldau, Artsemi Yushkevich, Ivan Bosko, Alexander Tuzikov
and Alexander Andrianov
Development of Molecular Autoencoders as Generators of Protein Inhibitors: Application for Prediction of Potential Drugs Against Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2A3.5
159Tatyana Kim and Ryhor Prakapovich
Employing of RL Technology to Develop an Adaptive Motion Controller for a Line Follower RobotA3.6
164Valery Malyshau
Nuclei Detection Based on Single-Point LabelsB4.1
168Silun Xu and Victor Skakun
Comparison of Deep Learning Preprocessing Algorithms of Nuclei Segmentation on Fluorescence Immunohistology Images of Cancer CellsB4.2
173Aliaksandr Leunikau, Alexander Nedzved, Alexei Belotserkovsky and Stanislav Sholtanyuk
Multiple Human’s Pose Detection Algorithm for Real Time VideoB4.3
178Vassili Kovalev
Small Image Training Sets: Exploring the Limits of Conventional and CNN-Based MethodsB5.1
183Yue Zhang, Cheng Zhang, Shichao Kan, Yigang Cen and Linna Zhang
Weather Recognition based on Attention Image Search MethodB5.2
187Ivan Kosik, Alexander Nedzved, Ryhor Karapetsian, Vera Yashina and Igor Gurevich
Automation of the Study of Radiologically Isolated Syndrome in Multiple SclerosisB5.3
191Oleg Naidovich, Alexander Nedzved and Shiping Ye
DSDNet Neural Network for Shadow Detection from Urban Satellite Images
195Alexander Usatov and Ivan Kosik
Identifying The Presence of Covid-19 on X-ray Medical Images Using a Neural NetworkB5.5
198Mikhail Kharinov
Superpixel Clustering for Detection of Binary Object Hierarchy Using Modernized Classical Clustering MethodsB5.6
202Xunhuan Ren, Jun Ma, Valery Konopelko and Victor Tsviatkou
An Iterative Error Patterns Library Formation Method for the Decoding of Product CodesA4.1
206Nicholas A. Nechval, Gundars Berzins, Konstantin N. Nechval, Max Moldovan, Vadims Danovics and Irina Bausova
Innovative Technique for Computing Shortest Length and/or Equal Tails Confidence Intervals in Reliability and Safety under Parametric Uncertainty
211Igor Zakharov, Jonathan Anderson, Garrett Parsons and Michael Henschel
Blockchain Systems Review and Analysis for Information Security of Big DataA4.3
216Mikalai Yatskou and Vladimir Apanasovich
A Digital Platform for Processing Fluorescence Spectroscopy Data Using Simulation Modelling and Machine Learning AlgorithmsA4.4
221Valery Demko and Victoria Zaitseva Eigen
Transformations of Symmetric Matrices in Information Processing ProblemsA4.5
223Artem Andreiev and Anna Kozlova
Enhancement of Land Cover Classification by Training Samples ClusteringB6.1
228Ahmedkhan Radzhabov and Vassili Kovalev
Performance Analysis of Deep Learning Models for Heart Segmentation in Chest X-ray Images on a Small DatasetB6.2
232Jun Ma, Xunhuan Ren, Valery Konopelko and Victor Tsviatkou
An Automatic Pruning Method for Skeleton ImagesB6.3
236Alexander Doudkin, Alexander Voronov and Valentin Ganchenko
Software Control System for Equipment of Integrated Circuit Layout InspectionB6.4
241Alexandr Labokha, Artsiom Shamyna and Alexei Ardyako
Cloud Detection in Aerospace Imagery of Environmental MonitoringB6.5