Conference Motto

"Artificial Intelliverse: Expanding Horizons "
Dear Colleagues,

Today, the discussion of artificial intelligence and machine learning methods has gone far beyond the scientific community. In social networks, bloggers with a very modest understanding of mathematical models, in pursuit of views and likes, tell how to use ChatGPT, Midjourney, or DALL-E to generate an image, find or compose text, and even create a code.
Computer Science is constantly pushing the horizons of the use of machines in society and providing unprecedented progress in many areas. It is impossible to ignore that this has become possible thanks to AI! We also cannot avoid the vogue of the metaverse. And if humans cannot expand their horizons, then the Artificial universe (or Intelliverse) is infinite in principle. In this universe, social trends are no longer set by humans.
Progress in AI systems often seems to be cyclical. Every few years, computers suddenly learn to do something they couldn't do before. We are now in another cycle, this time with Generative AI. Why Neural Networks have become so cool right now? How did we get here so quickly? How to be in trend?
At our conference, we will touch upon the issues of the "classic" Pattern Recognition as always. Still, we will also be happy to evaluate modern results in the field of AI and discuss the horizons of AI development, and whether these technologies have turned the future of Information processing.

Warmest regards